Terms, conditions and pricing


All of my Ragdoll babies leave me with:

*   GCCF registration card

*   5 generations Pedigree Certificate

*   Royal Canin kitten pack

*   5 weeks free insurance

*   fully vaccinated and health checked

*   wormed and flea treated 

(precousion as we didn't have any issues so far)

*   microchip

*   some toys

*   pet passport (upon request at extra charge except kittens sold outside UK)


A non-refundable deposit (150£ for pet quality, 300£ for show/breed quality) is required to secure a kitten of your desire. In some cases deposit may be transferred to other kitten. Only after receiving a deposit kitten is considered as reserved. Remaining balance is required to be paid at the time of collection of your kitten. 


Many stories about people ringing wanting a kitten and then after a while changing their mind. Nothing wrong with it. Circumstances change, ilness and many more reasons. Kittens are for life not just for few weeks. Looking at it from breeder perspective. Advertising, making time for viewing and collections. Everyone want pick their kittens as young as possible. If they are not collected I need to advertise again, time goes quick and older they are people have more doubts in their minds of why this kitty was left out, is anything wrong with him/her?

Your kittens will be ready to be collected when they are 13-14 weeks old. All new owners are asked to sign contract which ensures the health and well being of their new kitten.
I also require all kittens sold as pets, to be neutered. Kittens sold as pets will receive Pedigree Certificate once neutered and relevant paperwork from vet is presented. 

Price List

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Travel information

Pet Passport


An EU Pet Passport issued by your vet.

To obtain this, you must first have your pet microchipped . The vet must then vaccinate your pet against rabies.

Vaccination needs to be done at least 21 days prior to travel. It is advised that kittens and puppies are not given the rabies vaccination until they are at least 12 or 13 weeks old. So they are not likely to be able to fly much before they are 16 weeks of age.

Airlines require assurance that your pet is healthy enough to fly. Therefore your pet must be inspected by a vet shortly (preferably within a week) prior to the flight. The vet must then issue a fitness to fly (or private health) certificate.

Your pet is now ready to go.

Applies to all EU countries and some European Non EU Countries

Paperwork and veterinary requirements for EU destinations