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Experienced Breeder

I'm small hobby breeder and my GCCF prefix is RAGDOLLABLE. TICA prefix RAGLAMOUR. My focus is to breed beautiful and relax temperament cats. I only breed Ragdolls with no outcrossing that is why my babies have outstanding Pedigree Certificate with lots of champions in their lines. All kittens are registered with GCCF. All cats registered for breeding, show or show/breed can be registered in GCCF and TICA depends on preference of new owners.


Happy, Healthy Bloodline

All of my breeding cats are FELV,HCM and PKD cleared by Langford Vets Unifersity of Bristol. We breed from imported lines to avoid inbreeding. All kittens are well socialised and involved in everything around my house. They enjoy their food and play time. Kittens are use to human company. 


Tica international

After few yeaars with GCCF we have recently joined Tica to be able to attend some international cat shows.


Breeding programme

We have imported few of our Ragdolls from abroad to introduce fresh blood into our breeding programme. Carefully selecting our queens and kings to produce best quality and beautiful babies, especially bicolour pattern. 


Great companions

 Ragdolls are very affectionate. Unlike most of breeds they are born to be acompanied by human. They are very patient and inteligent animals. Almost like dogs like to follow human around.  

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Our babies are adopted quickly, so reach to reserve your kitten or if I can answer any of your questions.


High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire, England, United Kingdom